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OMFG! I can't even go to the kill section anymore

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It's fucking ridiculous over there. It's gotten to the point of just plain stupidity.

I can't wait until this board is HEAVILY moderated.
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I moderate around here with a floggin stick. I think some of those kids need to go to a website, If it isn't an actual website, maybe they should create it.
No kidding. All talk and no brains or car.....
AMEN I Hear Ya! Those Cronies Bother Me SOOOOO BAD!!
Little RED said:
AMEN I Hear Ya! Those Cronies Bother Me SOOOOO BAD!!
Hey Red, are you still interested in trading radio bezels?

I sent you a PM but never heard back.
JPK said:
I can't wait until this board is HEAVILY moderated.
You and me both, and I'm sure everyone else can agree.
i dont even look let alone post in that section......i keep my kills to myself and those who watch them, cuz unless proof is posted, nobody will ever believe anything anyone says, and until people begin to realize that, thats not going to be a very fun section.
Kill stories have always been argued and embellished.

It's part of the "I caught a fish THIIIIS big" mentality.
I just find it amazing that people rally from other forums, particuarly ones that have nothing to do with the cars that were 'killed', just to come over here and yell 'You guys are gay.... blah... blah... blah...' I know I feed them some days, but that's hard to control all the time...
Sorry about the ban button not working today fellas... I did what I could.
Nice work there. Now about the moderators?
Ahh thats a name I havent seen around latley. The originator and the supplier of all that is evil. Thats cool. And I like the work you have been doing the last few days with that evil Ban button.
I think I'm already next in line bub.
whoever is the next mod i'm sure you will do a fine job,& rule the trolls with an iron fist.
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