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Hey folks.... I had a problem with flooding in the passenger foot well when it rained heavy. I thought I would share the experience to fix it.

The flooding was caused by a blocked outlet under the wiper arm cowling.

This required the removal of the wiper arms, which was an ordeal. The wipers are torqued down into a conical compression type of thing, and requires a $15 tool I got from Adv Auto. It barely fit the purpose, but I got the wiper arms off finally , but in the process, i broke the plastic connector for the wiper arm.

$34 dollar part, so no big deal.

The problem seems to be with how the "cup" thing was designed. It takes the water from the windshield, and funnels it down below the windshield and wipers into a "filter" type f thing cup, which of course blocks up with leaves over time. The problem is that it funnels the water into the cabin intake, and there is gap between the cabin intake filter and the firewall, so water pours into the passenger foot area.

I removed the filter cup thingy, and this allows the water to pass straight through to the firewall. OR I could cut out the plastic filter arms.

I hope this helps you ......happy miles. TIMBO
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