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Plastered a Lancer Ralliart yesterday...

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I finally let this kid that I work with line up with me at a stoplight during our lunch hour. Actually, I saw him leave the parking lot driving like a maniac, so I followed him out, waited behind him at the right turn he was making, followed him out and then BLASTED around next to him. He still tells me that he wasn't racing at this point, but I'm not sure if there would have been any difference since he was hitting the gas hard enough to make the tires spin anyway. Not to mention that his 6" fart can was wailing away. As I'm passing him, he looks over and sees that it's me, this kid has been trying to get me to race him to the stoplight down the street for weeks. Keep in mind that there's traffic out there and I'm not really someone who likes to get crazy on a normal public street, but I let him have it from the next light. I was too nervous to even get the car wound out past 5,000 rpms, and it was not even close. If I had a nice unobstructed shot down the street where I could have hit 1-2-3 at 6,300 Rpms, it would have been awful. The we just ran down the street together in some spirited driving, not much over the speed limit, but not slowing down too much weaving through traffic, and that's where I really noticed the difference. This thing handles sooooo good, that I never realized that he was TRYING to catch me, I wasn't even feeling the car being pushed hard. We got back and he told me 'wow, that thing really handles...', I just looked at him like 'huh?'. I can't wait for spring when it's time for the road courses, it's gonna be a whole new ballgame... I really gotta get the 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' shirt with the Saturn logo and picture on it.

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Good kill man!!!

I love it when people beg you to race them and then you beat them.

I had a guy at my work talking shit about waxing my ass in his V6 Accord. Then...he found out I beat my buddies stock 92 SHO that just whooped his Accord the week before. After that, he didn't wanna race so I kept egging him on but he would never line up with me.
I have vid of a redline beating a car like that, it is yellow the redline had to wait for him to take off b/c the redline didnt know he was racing over the s/c whine. LOL then hed have to play catch up and pass him by about eight cars b4 80 mph funny shit i have to find the vid
Please do!!
I raced one of these on the interstate tonight.....first time he got a head start but I still pulled past him then the second time he was coming up behind me and I just left him
You boys and your cars and and I am trying to set a good example to my 16 yr old.When I brought it home he dad "it is just a saturn"and I am letting him just think that.He can drive my wifes sunfire which he thinks is hot. ;) ;) ;)
just like those ugly buick Grand nationals, man i would never drive one... i mean, its a buick.... its an old man car right?

Damn those GNX crap. Who whould buy one of those always hearing that stupid whistling sound what the hell is that anyways. Powerful V6 whatever. Ohh its turbod ricer crap is what I say. *whispers ill buy it if your sellin one.

A raliart thats the basic model with crap on the sides right?
No, it's the mid-model I suppose. 160hp, FWD, not too much plastic on the sides. It's not a bad lil car really. The OZ Rally ones are the REAL slow ones. I used to take those on my SC2. Nothing like a 130hp AWD brick.

Ahh yes the OZ is what I was thinking of ohh it has 15" wheels what In the hell is that 15"s on a wheels specific car.
If you remember thats the car that they put out before they released the Evo in this country. I believe. I'm sure that really satisfied the people out there craving the Evo.

Sp00ner said:
No, it's the mid-model I suppose. 160hp, FWD, not too much plastic on the sides. It's not a bad lil car really. The OZ Rally ones are the REAL slow ones. I used to take those on my SC2. Nothing like a 130hp AWD brick.

I thought all non EVO lancers were FWD?
No, they have those OZ Rally Editions..

i had one of those before i bought my redline.... can i saw slow although i could beat a new stock cavy with it

No the OZ Editions are FWD car rated at 120hp and 130 lb/ft. It has the SOHC 2.0L (non-mivec) The Ralliarts do have the SOHC Mivec or mitsubushi for variable valve timing.
My very good friend Jeremy has one of the OZ's, modified a lil but still pretty slow.
P.S. The OZ's are FWD now they do have another EVO called the RS or something but I know for a fact that the OZ IS a FWD.
Check out its a good Mitsu site if your interested.
Personally Im a GM guy.
Teh EVO MR is the new one that is coming to the US

I am 99% sure the raliart and OZ are both FWD POS's
Yea, they are, just went and checked... I always thought they were AWD, so did the kid with the Lancer Ralliart in my office, we were wrong though.

They are FWD all the lancer's with exception to any of the EVO's (the RS, MR and Normal (2003)) The company in which all the denominations are AWD are the Subaru Imprezas (the 2.5RS, WRX, and WRX Sti).Not to say that all of Subarus cars are AWD.
i had a oz when they first came out and **** did i waste my money the tranny went out in one year. and yes fwd 120 hp 130 tq same engine as eclipse gs only different head and no turbo
i know someone who hit 14.8 on a stock ralliart , trap speed was only 92mph.
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