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I have a 05 redline comp solid car. 2.8” pulley w/cooling mods, Deka 60lb injectors, ls4 throttle body, 3” zzp cai, header to 3” all the way back. I must have bad injector data and have searched all over can’t find a IFR to Kpa table anywhere to compare to the data ZZP used for my remote tune. They said my injectors were off for the data they use. They made 2 revisions then through NO Fault of their own the tuning ended because of my daughters health issues. These are Deka 60lb ev1 connector that are clean and working. Fuel pump assembly is a Delphi bought new 4 months ago! At the moment I can’t check fuel pressure but I’d have to assume it’s correct. I tried ve tuning learning from goat rope garage, got it close per my wide band, reactivated the MAF and closed loop, ran terrible. Put the ZZP 1.3 tune in it and runs smoother but trims pulling fuel in the 20’s in vacuum then adding 20% from halfway and up on kpa. Wideband is showing very lean! Throttle hangs until completely stopped then gets idle misfires. Any kind of guidance at this point is more than appropriated. If anybody has accurate IFR data in the correct kpa columns that I can compare to. My IFR kpa columns are not in even #’s like what I’ve found online. Getting irritated lol
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