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Is this the part you got at Rock Auto? Did it solve your issue? I am starting to have this issue on my 2005 Ion 1 with 152k miles.
A-1 CARDONE 1C18010M {#19257136, 19257875, 19257876, 20763801, 20930092, 20995579} Reman. Power Steering Assist Motor Module
That's the part. I took it to the dealer first because it wasn't too long ago the dealer did the recall on this. The big problem was that my daughter was just learning to drive and practicing parallel parking. Lots of turning in a short amount of time. The dealer said the computer senses that and shuts it down temporarily to prevent overheating. Said nothing was wrong with the module.

Seemed plausible enough. I ended up returning the part and not replacing it. Haven't had any problems since.

Sorry, not much help.
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