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Pre-paid legal for tickets

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I know that everyone here hates people trying to sell stuff. I am an associate for pre-paid legal and I think that everyone here can benefit from this service. This service provides 2 1/2 hours of representation from a client lawyer firm to represent you if you get a ticket for speeding or any other driving offense. 90% of the time, a ticket can be reduced just by having representation for you at a hearing. And if you get a ticket in another state besides your own, a lawyer in that state will represent you if you are unavailable to be there. I am not here to sell anything, so don't be hatin.' I am just offering some services that might help some people here. If you would like some info. please contact me at [email protected]. Once again, please realize that I am trying to provide a service, but I am not being a dick. Thanks.
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i know in my area, they automatically plead you down so they can give you a parking fine and traffic school. no need for legal representation unless you did something really stupid.
A guy I was in my Video Production 101 class with gave me a card for that, said I should get on board. Really didn't want to.

In my area, you have to BEG for any reduction, and pray you're on the cop's good side (I got a 25 over reduced to a fine/no points charge like defective equipment, because he was HAPPY to see me, I was the first person he'd pulled over that night who WASN'T wasted).

Isn't there a forum specifically for this though? Like "Solicitation"?

Just kidding, by the way, I don't mind it. How much do your boys charge?
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