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Hey guys,

I'm one of the board members for CSC (Chicagoland SRT Club). We are batting around an idea of friendly competitions (such as bracket racing or autocross) and combined gatherings with other local clubs. Although I don't see too many RLs around, I did see one in the Dominics parking lot in Mundelein at 176 and Midlothian a few months ago. Hopefully there are a few more.

If you don't know who CSC is, we're a group of around 100 SRT owners all around chicago. Not sure the exact number, but we should find out soon. We hold plenty of meets during the year, and were on TV during the Chicagoland NASCAR race as we drove around the track with the Viper Club of America.

If you guys are interested, email me and I'll fill you in. Or check out our websites: Chicagoland SRT Club and CSC Vidz and look around. We are mostly car enthusiasts, not just SRT enthusiasts. Hopefully you guys can see past the negative image the crowd puts out.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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