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ok, we're done with that now. my fiance has a friend who's dad owns a CNC shop (is that what they're called) and i've toured it, and i was thinking maybe i could get him to make some pully sets for us (they've actually done pedals for the Corvette, among other things)

the reason for this post is, i don't know much about pullies, what specific materials should be used, etc.

if you know anything about this, please post here, no junk please, just anything pertinent in what you expect, or would like to see out of a pulley set, such as which pullies should be made, etc. also, average price for a comparative set would be nice too so i know what i'm talking about when i talk to the guy. hopefully we can get 'er done. once i find out as much as i can, as well as expected selling price (i' trying to get them done cheaper than average, as i'm not out to make money here) i'm going to get in contact with them, likely after the holidays and all.

so please, lets gather all information about pully sets as we can and post here, and maybe we can start realizing some parts getting made sooner than later!

also, i'd prefer not to do any sort of underdrive, i'd prefer to stick with stock size for now

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id rather a underdrive light weight and a offset super pulley to keep the stock ratio. And of course light weight all around
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