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Hey everybody, what's crackin'? I only have about a month left of my AIT training before I get out, and right now the number one car on my list is the Saturn Ion Redline. After Graduation (from Basic Training) me and my family went and looked at cars. I'm an import man myself, but my dad convinced me to go look at Saturn (he had heard a good word from a friend). I finally gave in, and we took the RL for a spin. I wasn't actually able to drive, but I really like the car, and the price. Apparently, there's no aftermarket yet, but hopefully soon there will be. Does anyone have any warning or things I should be aware of before I buy this car? Another thing, I haven't seen any of these w/ aftermarket rims on 'em. I was thinking about putting black rims (on either the blue, or silver model) and limo tinting the windows. I was hoping Volk or Racing Hart has something that will fit. Anyways, just wanted to say hey, and I'm looking forward to becoming part of the Saturn family.

PVT J.C. Gage
email: [email protected]
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