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Quite a few kills tonight :)

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Well I was out driving around today enjoying the beautiful weather we had here in MI. I put about 200 miles on the car today. I drove all over Monroe, Woodhaven, Southgate, Taylor, Ann Arbor and Dearborn.

First off was a little 16 year old in a Ford Escape. I went to pass him and he tried to speed up so I couldn't pass well that didn't work. This was in Milan heading to Monroe. There was a lot of winding roads and he couldn't keep up through them. But I was suprised at how well it kept up until about 105 or so.

In Woodhaven there was a Mid 90's Eclipse and a early 90's 240sx racing and then I caught them and blew by both of the in a heart beat. The looks on their face was priceless.

Of course there were a bunch of Civics and Preludes trying to race me all day so of course they got it too.

The best today was a brand new 05 Saleen Mustang. That thing looks awesome. And sounds even better. It was the 289 supercharged one. I was playing with a V6 Camero and kicking its butt when this thing came along. Once I got around the Camero I got right next to the Mustang. We were stopped at a light. The road went from 2 lanes down to one so I knew he was going to get on it to get around me so when the light turned green I got on it pretty good he was right next to me then dropped back behind me. So when we came to the next light I punched the hell out of it. I heard him punched it to until about 55 then he let off. It was fun.

Now before anyone flames on me I know for a fact that the Mustang would kill me. That thing is 400hp which is underrated. It was brand new and I don't think it was broke in, so I know he wasn't really getting on it. But it was fun just the same.
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I hate the new mustangs.....I'm not into the whole retro styling......yeah its nice on something like the Thunderbird or the SSR but not an everyday car like the Mustang.....I did see an 05 Saleen the other day which looks better than a regular Mustang
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