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Go to your local Best Buy, see the guys in Mobile Electronics. Ask for a Line Out Converter. Its a handy box that you splice into your rear speakers and it converts the wire to RCA. Heres the complete break down of the harness:

Item/ Wire Color/ Polairty/ location

Radio 12v/ orange/ + / Radio harness
Radio Ground/ black/white / - / radio harness
Radio Ignition / yellow/ + / radio harness
Radio Illumination/ gray (dimmer)/ + / radio harness
Amp Turn-on / pink / +/ radio harness
Power Antenna / N/A
LF Speaker +/- / tan - gray/ +,- / radio harness or amp
RF Speaker +/- / lt. green - dk. green/ +,- / radio harness or amp
LR Speaker +/- / brown - yellow/ +,-/ radio harness or amp
RR Speaker +/- / dk. blue - lt. blue/ +,-/ radio harness or amp

The audio amplifier is under the rear deck. The speaker wiring at the amplifier is: LF lt. blue - dk. blue, RF dk. green - orange, LR dk. blue/white - lt. green/black, and RR dk. green - lt. blue/black.

For those of us that have XM there is going to be another plug in the back of the deck thats got 4 wires comming off of it. That is the interface for the XM tuner box that is located in the trunk on the drivers side quarter. If you want to replace the XM with a portable tuner as I have done. You need to order older parts because XM has changed their antenna inputs from Old school 2 plug to 1 mini plug. Older car kits with 2 antenna plugs are available from If you dont care about using the factory antenna then you can buy any off the shelf XM kit.

Jerry De Francisco
Best Buy
Mobile Electronics Supervisor
Store #318 Vernon Hills IL
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