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I finally got around to re-dynoing the car after almost 2 years.

Here's the breakdown of my dyno pulls for the day.

The previous best with this setup on this dyno was 418whp/357 (smoothing at 3 to take the torque spike out). Today's best was 500/464 (0 smoothing) or 499/464 (3 smoothing). Considering that the smoothing only drops the hp from 500.02 to 499.92, I'm still claiming it's a 500whp car. 馃槑 The only real changes between the two bests are an EBoost Street controller, running full E85, and adding boost/timing.

The previous best was run at 22.5psi/16 degrees of timing. Here's the boost/timing/power of today's pulls:

23.2psi/19deg - 428hp/409tq
24.2psi/19deg - 456hp/422tq
24.1psi/21deg - 458hp/431tq
25.2psi/21deg - 462hp/440tq
26.3psi/21deg - 476hp/458tq
27.8psi/21deg - 494hp/462tq
27.3psi/23deg - 497hp/462tq
28.0psi/23deg - 500hp/464tq

The car is plenty fast and has traction problems as is on the 23psi/19deg setting. I'll probably just tweak the tune and leave it at 24/25psi and 21deg level. The GMPP clutch didn't slip once. The factory transmission isn't happy though, so it's time to start saving for an upgrade.

I've added dyno graphs of the 500whp pull, the previous best vs today's best, and my first best when the car was still supercharged on a 3.0 pulley.

Here's the video of the 500hp pull.

I'm impressed with the little Saturn that could. A 252hp/250tq gain through the years in a car that GM marketed as 205hp ain't too shabby.


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Bad azz. I wish I wasn鈥檛 in California and could actually do cool stuff to my car. It鈥檚 probably not the transmission you are looking for but GM discontinued the transmissions for the redline/ cobalt ss and is or was off loading them to dealerships real cheap last month. I got one through my parts department for like $250. You might be able to find a deal if you look into it.
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