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redline commercial?

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i know i asked this before but i looked at couldnt find it..does anyone have the ion and vue redline commericals they can post, i always seem to miss them on tv...thanks in advance :)
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Saturn of Honolulu has most of the commercials listed in their audio & video section, but they still don't have the latest.

I found this website which has them, but asks for a 2 Euro donation in order to view them - in case anyone is interested:

Once there, do a "super search" for "Saturn Red Line."
There's a site around here somewhere, I think it's violakat03's site, has all of the commercials on there. 1 moment and I shall find it . . . Bingo.

it's got 3 on there. Enjoy
I saw an ad in Super Street Magazine today for the Redline, surprising because i have never seen one in a mag before. :D
I used to see 'em in Car & Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend, etc. all the time, it's the one that's like "the chose-his-car-over-his-girlfriend guy" and it's got some kid with a wrench in his hand, an LSJ and a bunch of tools behind him, and a Redline underneath it. What they need is more car magazines to give it a serious test. Road and Track said great things about it, which is awesome, but the only other magazine that's touched it is Sport Compact Car; Car & Driver or Motor Trend need to jump on the bandwagon; they might just find out it's BETTER than the Cobalt.

Saw a blue Cobalt SS at the car wash yesterday, just on a side note; not too fond of the styling, and I'm definitely glad I chose the Redline over the SS
In the commercial with the Z4, they should have raced then quickly flashed to a facial shot of the Bimmer driver :eek: :confused: :eek: That would bring back some memories.
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