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redline crashed...:(

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my baby was in an accident..i was turning a corner and an oncoming car was way over the line not paying what do i do..swerve to avoid crashing my baby...that didnt work well...i end up slamming into the was f***** up...and the insurance will not believe my story and will make me 100% responsible...any ideas of how to get out of this one if there is a way?...


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why would they not believe you? That seems odd in itself. My only guess is this is not the 1st accident of it's kind by you in their system or you have a driving record that would suggest something else at hand. In any case, get a estimate and then you need to deside if it would be cheaper to get a lawer ans sue vs. covering the damage yourself.
why did you not get a statement from the driver saying that they were at fault, why did you not call the cops, if you did the cops probably could have figured out that it wasnt your fault.

you should have done these things man, but either way, good luck.
Well the person in the other lane probably would've just gone on his merry, moronic way; people can't be troubled to stop if they CAUSE an accident but aren't involved in it. Sorry to hear that dude; best of luck with your repairs :(
Yeah it probably will be considered your fault since you have no proof you were cut off. Insurance will fix it, that's what you pay premiums for. Granted your rates will go up.
absolutly tyhe first thing you should have done was park and call the cops. the would have done a full report and took your statement. this way at least it would have been in writing.
as stated people usually will not stop if they are at fault its a rare person that will most will just drive away even if they hit you, if they could and their car would allow them to; then just call and say someone hit them in the parking lot. my wife works for progressive she see this all the time!! not much you can do in cali. if you were in fl it would end up a no fault. yes they will raise your insurance. they may cover it but if they do your rates will go way up. how bad is the damage?? if its not more than your deductable i would just fix it and call it a loss. better than having a huge rate increase for the next 5-7 years right?? wish i could say more but sorry man i know it sucks
sorry i didnt realize that it was a one car accident, i thought that car hit him.

yeah, id pay for it myself and call it a use getting insurance involved when you dont have to, thats what i always say.
Terrible news, sorry your baby got injured.
well i got the estimate today and it ended up being $4,442. My insurance deductible was $500, but they charged me over $200 for tread wear on my much bullshit is that...and they are only replacing my right side i ended up paying over $700 total...i thought it would be a lot more...
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