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What is your average gas mileage?

Redline Gas Mileage

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I always run 93 octane and do alot of highway driving. i was wondering what kind of gas mileage everyine gets here because mine is horribe i average 16 - 18 MPG. Thats just regular driving with-out pushing the motor :confused:
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Mine ranges from over 20 (21-22) to around 16, just depends on how I'm driving. Seems like I should be getting more, but I know that I can't drive the car in a way that matches the gas mileage testing. There sure are days though that I try real hard not to push the car, and I still can't get the 27 mpg that they state on there.

I get 21 to 24 mph no matter how hard i drive it, but if you live up north the gas has anti freeze and the mileage will be worse until summer gas comes back. I live in texas(not very cold) 93 octane
I only have 450mi on my car, so it's still breaking in. I've only had 2 full tanks so far, and they've both been in the 19mpg range, but i haven't exactly taken it easy since I've only had the car for 4 days. Maybe I'll break the 20-25mpg range soon. I really don't care much, I'm just out for the fun most of the time. If there's someone that wants to race, i don't say 'well, i'm gonna take it easy cause i dont want to drop the extra dollar in gas'
John said:
I get 21 to 24 mph no matter how hard i drive it, but if you live up north the gas has anti freeze and the mileage will be worse until summer gas comes back. I live in texas(not very cold) 93 octane
Does it really? I've never heard that... that's kinda interesting, makes total sense mind you.

I didn't think gas froze...period...but the anitfreeze makes sense...hmmmm
I actually went out looking for information on winter vs. summer gasoline, and found something else that is interesting about winter gas. It's rate of evaporation is through the roof compared to the summer gas blend. The idea is that the more volatile winter gas, which seems to be easier to make, will be restricted from evaporation by the winter temperatures. So I wonder what the temperature of the gas in the tank gets to in the winter while driving? Would the temp of the winter gas in the tank get high enough that the cold winter temps would allow the gasoline to evaporate much faster than gas in your tank during the summer? Since the cars have a line that feeds the evaporated fuel into some sort of disposal device, would that be enough to drop your mileage? I know I'm kinda rambling here, but that's how my mind goes...

No magikal_dragon, I don't think that the gasoline would freeze, that require an INCREDIBLY low temperature, in the -100 range I think. If there is antifreeze-related chemicals in there it would probably be for any water that could find it's way in, or maybe for the other additives in gasoline? Not totally sure, but I do know that the freezing point of gasoline is VERY low.

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maybe its for the people in the ice pictures on the newfoundland post.. lol
mix city-highway 23-24 and sometimes as low as 21, I also have never seen the 27 or 28 highway mpg
just read an article that said they add some stuff such at butane, mtbe and the like to account for what spoon said. but it also said the additives make more horsepower. the article said the low fuel economy is more from snow driving, cold oil =lower viscosity which is harder to turn the engine and such.
John said:
I get 21 to 24 mph no matter how hard i drive it, but if you live up north the gas has anti freeze and the mileage will be worse until summer gas comes back. I live in texas(not very cold) 93 octane
Not so much the gas as the colder air. Colder, denser air yields less fuel economy. From Sept to Jan I only got a best of 24 MPG going back and forth to work. I leave for FL on Jan 3rd and get the same 24 MPG all the way through VA where the temps hit the 60s in N.C. I started to get 29.5 to 31 in the warmer weather from S.C to GA. into FL. On the return trip, the opposite was the case. I got the posted EPA sticker mileage until I filled up in VA. It was colder in N.C. on the way back and the mileage dropped back into the 22-24 range. When I had my '90 Metro, I'd get 50 MPG like clockwork during the warm weather and in the winter it'd fall to 35-37 MPG like right now. It just shows up as a bigger number because of the great gas milage that car got, but it figures out to the same 25% loss that my redline I'm getting currently. 30 MPG - 25% = 22.5 MPG.

I also ran 87 octane at my salesman's suggestion for my first 3 tanks until I joined this forum and read the whole users manual. Since then, it's only been 93 Octane - I won't even put in the 92 at Speedway, I'll go the extra distance to a SHELL, BP or SUNOCO.
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I average about 25/26 but I do ALOT of highway driving.
Got 22 mpg this time around, mostly city driving. Its usually 19-20mpg. Hopefully in the summer it will improve.
I average 26-28 on most tanks, unless I mash the pedal to the floor often. I have a 30 mile drive to work in Dallas traffic so I usually try not to race it to much. Shifting around 3k in most gears.
when EPA test for highway mileage, they assume you are on cruise control at 55MPH, which is supposedly the optimum mileage speed. Now, I don't know why anyone would buy a Red Line so he could drive 55MPH on the highway all day. So expect numbers closer to the low 20's on highway, and slightly below 20 in city.
23 mpg w/91-93 octane....
I have been averaging 21-23 MPG with 89 octane in mixed driving. I'll get my first chance to do some highway cruising next weekend, and I'll report MPG then (again, 89 octane since I don't beat on it). Here in NY, the fuel is oxygenated during the winter, so mileage should get a little better soon. Plus, I'd bet that once internal clearances loosen up a little, fuel economy should also rise a bit. :)
I get 24-27 with fluctuation based on how much local driving I do. I spend most of my time commuting down I-95. The RL loves to cruise at 75 right at the 3k rpm mark.

When not on the highways, i'm not particularly careful about playing with the gears, but i'm also not launching at every stoplight either.
Sure hope it get's better---- 13mpg in town, with the wife driving it. And she's easy on her baby. My Hemi Ram get's that!
I will admit it's a blast to drive, torque steering little monster. Got to drive it this past weekend. Gave a new Mustang a fit, he couldn't hookup and neither could we!! But the MPG aren't good when being good so!!!!!
C-ya :)
I know the first week or 2 or 3 that I had it, I had a hard time being in the right gear. I would find myself running down the highway at 70 in 4th gear! It just felt good in that gear, and I never really looked down. So I was BLASTING through gas for the first few days. The dropping it down 2 gears and flooring it to 100 randomly didn't help either! It seems like it's getting better now, I'm also just finally figuring out how low I can shift from gear to gear. This morning I hardly got over 2,000 rpms until 5th gear on the interstate to Chicago. I'm almost starting to think that 70+ mph is burning more gas than city driving, not sure, but I almost seem to use more gas on my 75 mph ride to work than I do driving the same 30 miles around town. Maybe its just the way I drive on the highway...

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