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REDLINE gets owned . . .

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This is pretty funny, I lined up next to a silver redline yesterday, and just for fun I wanted to run him, we chatted at the light for a bit then we decided to go. Hits green and I snap about 2 cars off of him before we hit 15mph, pulled a little more and he was about an even 3 cars behind me all the way to 70. So it shows that drivers make a big diference when it comes to who wins a race, he just reved the shit out of it and dumped it, I floated and tried to keep as much traction as possible. I am totally stock Black 04. He was pissed but hopfully he shows up on here. Fun none the less. :D
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Basically sounds like you knew how to drive and he didn't....

spinning the tires, doesnt make you go faster.........

Back in the day when I just got started in the whole racing fad, I would rev and dump . . . just get the thing floored as soon as possible, but after years of experience there are much better ways to do it. For instance I went to the track with my friend in my old SRT-4 which he bought from me. His best run was a 12.7, I pulled a 12.2 on my first try.
he should go buy some really soft drag radials if he's gonna dump it like that.
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