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redline going to the dealer for the first time

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I bought the car monday. It had some scratches on the hood, which they buffed out. Well I washed the car today, and the scratches are still there. I also noticed that the dome light/sunroof switch assembly rattles, and two big scratches on the left rear quarter. And the dealer forgot to install the glass theft-deterant ids to the door windows. So besides all that is there anything I should have the dealer check well its in the shop. Thanks
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Do you have any trouble with cold starts or hesitation? If you harrass the dealer about it, they'll upgrade your software...
Being in Raleigh,NC it doesn't get to cold here. gets into the 10's or 20's from time to time but not lately. Is that cold enough? When I left work yesterday at 6:00am it was about 25 degrees I think, the car started right up. Now that I think about it, the car starts easier when its cold out.
I think according to the papers its like 50degrees and under
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