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First off happy New Year everyone!!

I'm kicking this year off with a bang, and ordered a set of ZZP standard coilovers for Red. I'm gonna take the new struts and shocks off her and put them on Pearl. I'm not just stopping there. I also bought a set of LNF 18in wheels. I'm gonna clean them up, mount a set of tires and put them on Pearl too

I was happy when the Saturn center caps fit perfectly in the LNF wheels. I'm looking at quotes for powder coating them, but I don't want black. I want white or silver 🤔
Happy new year man!!
Lnf wheels look amazing on a redline! Awesome choice!
I'm curious to hear a review on the coils. Im considering em for my sedan while it's being put together. I really want coils. But I've never used em on any platform. It's a new territory for me.
141 - 141 of 141 Posts