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Redline VS. GT Mustang

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Was playing with a GT Mustang tonight on I-696. To my amazement it kept up with it until about 120mph. At 120 it seems like the car kinda dies out. Took it to the track and the same thing. Runs great up to but after that it just seems to run out of power. Cant wait until some engine upgrades become avail. So much fun to drive.

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what color is your car? ever been to the ramchargers in livonia, cause there was someone saying something about that in the store, wondering if it was you
just wonderin, this guy had a blue one, so its obviously someone else, but obviously its a problem, i spoke w/ the powertrain engineer, he said its that damn heat exchangers in there doin it, they are too restrictive for the car, but gm wouldnt put something higher flowing in, they are losing 6 lbs of boost through them, on a car w/ a smaller pulley, it makes 20 lbs b4 the exchanger, but only 14 after, he also advised unplugging the wires to the bypass solenoid, or taking off the vacuum lines and plugging them, car supposedly runs alot better, gm is "supposedly" working on an m90 upgrade, and a traditional plate and fin exchanger upgrade, he said the m62 can make 300 at the tires on that car, but the exchagers wont allow it, also, a recommended upgrade would be a resevoir plummed into the stock exchanger that would allow for ice to be added, or alcohol and dry ice to be ran for those who want to cram more boost in reliably, o, btw the car w/ 14 lbs, picked up about 25 hp at the wheels for those interrested
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barry, i second your opinion, the only thing that is close is the srt4, yes I KNOW that it will out perform a redline, but no matter how many i see 3 things still bug me about it, its damn big wing, pointless hood scoop, and it looks like its a 4 door sedan, cause it is, an fyi pay attention to gm in about 2007, i know its a long time, but i hear the rpm dependent boost is replaced by another method of making boost ;)
mikecandler, sorry, my buddies musta not had the ducting, opened up the hood, its just open under there, maybe the good old pentastar forgot to put it on? as to the problem w/ the boost, did you plug the lines or just unhook them? i will double check, but im sure he said it would work, if he's wrong im writing it down, cause he worked on that motor project for 2 years
ill have to try to get a picture, his is definately an srt4, motor mount problems and all, his has sound dedener underneath of it, dont now if he did it, havent asked him, but i cant imagine why, and i have looked at other srt4's and seen the ducts, but not on his, *scratches head*
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