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Redlines VS SRT-4 Kill Theads

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First thing I want to say is that this is REDLINEFORUMS.COM, not SRT-4 FORUMS.COM. So everything we talk about or brag about is about what...SATURN REDLINES. So how is it that we get people who drive a DODGE NEON SRT-4's interested in our forums. HONESTLY, Do I really care that an SRT-4 has a few more horses than an RL or how a guy smoked a redline? Not really! I am here to find ways to make my RL faster and different mods that are available. So please unless your people that own SRT-4s have ideas or inputs or ways that you can help. PLEASE LET US ENJOY OUR RIDES! I test drove the SRT-4 and I liked it, But I bought the Redline cause of the unique style and feel of it and that that GM only made a limted amount of them. Nothing against the SRT-4, But I like my redline. If I wanted an SRT-4, I would be at the SRT-4 forum instead. Again nothing against the SRT-4. But I would rather drive a GM product. :D

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Wasn't Ford supposed to have the Focus RS?? What happened to that?

On another note, I appreciate any imput or assistance from any owner of any car. Had a guy from TurboGremlin's teach me how to fix my boost prob on my old SRT-4.
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