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We are going to be running a competition for the next month to see who can refer the most _active_ users to this forum.

The competition is simple... help spread the word about this forum, get people to sign up and particpate on the forums (must be an active user, no fake accounts) -- the person who refers the most will win $150. We may also award 2nd and 3rd place prizes of the comeptition works well.

You can refer a friend a number of ways, the first way is by email, and you can simply click on this URL and you'll be able to send an email to your friend with the necessary code in it so you'll get credit.

You can also simply use the following URL to refer a friend:

You'll need to change the above URL to contain _your unique_ userid. An easy way to find this is to click on this URL:

and simply copy the URL inside the body of the message listed, and use it wherever you want.

You can use the following banner, and post it on your website with the following code (be sure to substitute your userid in there tho)

You can keep track of the number of referrals you have, by visiting this URL:

While your at it, let them know about our picture contest that is going on as well!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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