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Replacing Headlight Bulbs

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I was wondering if anyone has replaced their factory headlight bulbs with some bright blue or super white lights. If so, what kind did you buy and how much were they. Can you really tell the differance or is it just a waste of money.
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it depends what you buy. im going to get some silverstars just because there the best out there. there just super white and bright.
I've already put Silverstars in mine, you have to rotate the little allen wrench looking things on top of each headlight housing, remove the housing, then replace the bulb.

These things are BRIGHT and blue/white, like BMW or Audi lights - I get flashed all the time, gotta like that. I got them at Wal-Mart for $37.62 for the pair. They're 9007 (part #) bulbs.
I am a big fan on PIAA, put them in my bike made a HUGE diference, now I have not put them in the car yet, but anything around a 4k should iluminate nicely. Not so blue but closer to a bright white. We use 9007 series bulbs and for PIAA's it will cost you from $35 a bulb to $56 a pair.
i have silverstars and i am installing clear bulbs for the center section today.

i will snap some pics when im done today or tommorrow.
i have done it also about the quickest headlight change i have done you done even need a tool takes about 5 min, i would recomend doing one bulb and than turning them on and you will be able to see a big difference , i got mine for 15$ but i have a hookup that got them for me cheap and i also spent 300$ at his shop so he gave me a deal they are worth it, yellow headlights ruin a car.
Easiest mod you could possibly do. Replaced my bulbs with some xenons and it gives em a cool look but they're not really any better or worse than the standard bulbs, just cooler looking.

Most difficult part of the job is taking the bulbs out of their package carefully. Be sure you dont scratch, knick, drop, or even touch the bulbs if you can help it. Everything just unscrews/unlocks and comes right apart. Maybe 15 mins start to finish.

Whatever you do, do NOT get the HID bulbs without replacing your entire headlamp. Hallogen bulbs focus and generate light in a completely different way and its VERY VERY BAD to use a hallogen headlamp with HID bulbs or vice versa.
I'm using Xeon Bulbs Forgot what brand but there brighter and and have a little blue in them. Guys try the city lights that the Honda guys are using its a small bulb that lights up the head light. I 'm using a black light bulb in mine.
Nice purple tint for day driving....
Thanks for all the feedback guys, I'm getting the silverstars for $27 gotta love Ebay! Does any one have pics of their headlights at night if so could you post them i want to see how our car looks with them. Thanks
Swapped the headlight bulbs last week, just did the turn signals/DRLs tonight - what a breeze! Used Silverstars, the turn signals/parking lights have an eerie look when lit, chrome (not yellow) when not lit - way cool.
I put in Xenon ones on mine a couple weeks ago. A little brighter but much whiter. I like the look a lot better. The Xenon's are $17.XX at Best Buy but my fiance works there so her cost was $7.80 thats why i got them. I figured if they sucked i really didn't waste much.
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