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replacing seal that goes between upper grill and windshield

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Hope some of you experiance mechanics might be able to help, I have a squeak I am trying to track down and have removed all but the upper grill from my dash/instroment cluster. The squak remains so I know it is on the passenger side of just this one part, I when to take the part off to see if I could find anything rubbing or that would be pushing on the part to make the noise but foind it is attacked to a rubbe seal which is then atttached to the base of the window I did not remove this as they are discontinued parts and I don't know how to propery remove it and reattach it. Any suggestions? You can see the seal in the diagram of this parts catalog

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Did you take the dash cover off? It may just be pressed onto that. I haven't had the dash out of an ion in probably 8 years
I have not taken the grill (i think that is what your calling dah cover) off yet. When I did it seemed like the sral with glued to it and the window. I dont want to risk taking it off and then finding I have to go to a shop a pay a few hundread to reinstall
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