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Rim Choices

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I definitely want black. I was thinking w/ a polished lip or maybe these...
Tenzo-R Mach 10 with a red line groove. Here they are on a Civic Si.
Or any of these others, in black of course.Tenzo-R wheels .
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Those are awesome and would match my car perfectly (black with red stripe and rear bumper logo).

Do those fit our cars?
I kinda like the av7 ones in gun metal. or the rim you picked in the hyper black, for some reason i dont really like that red stripe but thats just my opinion.
BlackRedline04 said:
I like the mean-6 in gunmetal

btw i dont see any prices...

I don't think we want to know. :(

That site is pretty much product line up. They're about what you pay for other middle of the road rims. You get what you pay for. Here's a site for an idea of expense. On the second page they have some of them as price per rim.
Tenzo wheels
Tenzo-R Wheels won't work on a Ion Red Line. They don't come in a 5 X 110 lug pattern.

I could be wrong, but not likely. :D
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