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RL vs Millenia S

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I was on my way home from work and I saw a white pearl car come bustin ass on my tail, so I slow down and then the car came along side me and it was a Mazda Millenia S, He looked at me and we both punched it, We were on the highway and I was doin about 70, so I hit third and got the jump, but then i saw him gaining on me and im in forth rockin it out, and then we stay side by side till I had to pull off. Anyway he follows me to shell off the highway and stops by me and gets out and compliments my RL, Then I asked him how he stayed with me, well little did I know those things are supercharged also, and he had like a 2.80 pully on it and intake. It was cool to get a comp considering most people talk shit on my RL, And he had when hell of a sleeper too. :)
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Cool story man. It's always refreshing when the other guy (win or lose) is cool.

I thought you would have walked the millenia. Just goes to show, you NEVER know. :p
Yeah it was really fast, He has the 2.5ltr DOHC V6 with a J Stick and he has "I think the same charger as our RLs do.
Did not know they made supercharged millenia's. That's a deadly sleeper right there if tuned right, will be looking into what those are all about now.
HAve you seen the engine bay??? Its called a cycle miller engine You cant even make out the blower i see what looks like an oil cooler but i think its an Intercooler. Damn things are cluttered. Intake piping is cool and a lil ram air job for the ic and a lil box b4 it. take a look i found a few in Real funky if ya ask me.
2.3 is supercharged i think and 2.5's are N/A im not to sure tho. I wanna race one it may be better than racing a GTP LOL or a regal gs or a mote ss hehehe
2.3 miller cycle engine s/c. they suck from 0-60 but rule in top end
and they only come in auto
I know its an auto but his had that option where you can kinda drive it like a stick. Your right it was a 2.3 dohc. Sorry.
that's what i want to do to the redline, toss on a twin-screw and a set of cams to make it a miller cycle engine, mmmmmm supercharged power....

i expected to see a win, but with a pulley swap on one of those, to a 2.8 no less mustve required some other upgrades as well, can't see a manufacturer putting on close to that small of a pulley with a twin screw supercharger
Thats funny........ but bad idea. its just dumb to even think about that mazda being fast LOL. Its kinda scary stop allready. Im not going to be able to sleep.
OOhhhh my bad i thought you were talking about the mazda your talking about your RL ok. yeah good idea LOL I dont pay attention that great srry
Colin said:
OOhhhh my bad i thought you were talking about the mazda your talking about your RL ok. yeah good idea LOL I dont pay attention that great srry

LOL, no problem, i kind of wondered what you were talking about
Yeah, Mazda Had A Good Thing Goin With A SC Car, But I Cant See Parents Hoppin Up
A SC Car Anyway.LOL
Funny stuff. good thing they arent as appealing as a GTP or ss monte/ the mazda and buick regal gs are in the same boat. No fan base. Thats why they doomed themselfs. S/C cars are awsome tho i wont own anything else but supercharged car now..... s/c mazda granny mobile too funny.
me 2 iam always gonna have a s/c from now on
Wants you go boost you never go back.:)
thats is true but i can never ever have a turbo cause i know that u know that i know. lol. that i wouldnt be able to stand to have turbo lag...............
long live the s/c!!
I Alos Love Insta-Boost No Laggin.
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