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Roasted 2005 Honda accord V6

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Last night I was driving down this back country road between my town an the next . I would say the road is about 6 or 7 miles long. I smoked him from a stop then I burned him on a roll. All I will say that we did hit triple digits. I slowed down and he pulled up to me and ask what I had done to the car and I replied its stock............oh but it does have a supercharge. He then asked if it was a 4 or 6 cyclinder I told im 4 and he just shook his head. He went on to say that he had never been beaten and I just smiled. Nice to have a sleeper :D .
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Sleepers rule! Way to kill them ricerburners! :D
Hurray For The Sleeper!
Sleepers do rock, but you should see their face when it's a Dodge Omni. Not a lot of people know about TD's, and not a lot of people know about RL's. That is what makes these cars great.
My friend's stepdad used to drive one of those Dodge Omni's, funniest damn thing you ever saw. They lived in pretty rural Michigan, and you could see this guy trying to street drag with Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes, you name it... could beat quite a few of em. All with a hatchfull of groceries!

12s all day lol
i still want a mint condition GLH-S, mmmmm...... jellybean power!!!!!!!!!

they are fun to drive too, not just fast, plus you can fit a ton of stuff in those things no problem with the rear seats down. we fit enough for a whole weekend of camping in my old omni
Vita said:
i still want a mint condition GLH-S, mmmmm
I agree. I love the GLH and the GLH-S :D , wish I could find a clean un-modded one. There is a guy that I seen at Car Craft last summer in St Paul that had one with only 11,XXX ish miles on it. Mint that car is, I drooled :rolleyes: .
My boss has a GLH with 13,000 original miles on it. He's filthy rich and its his favorite car. He runs a VERY large dealership and bought it when it came in when it was new and has had it ever since. He won't sell it i tried :D
nice kill, those new accords are pretty quick forr a family car
I had a GLH wooo man that car was an animal. Kept breaking the exhaust hangers though? As for the accords they are quick I have one that races me every day. Just to lose by a lot every day. As your beating them stick your head out the window to look back at them. Thats the best to see the expression on their face. Only with a passenger in your car thought clear roads can fill up quick. And only long engouh to run in that thier car sucks.
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