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rotating tires...

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when is a good time to rotate your tires..i asked the guy down at saturn motorsports and he said about 18,000 if your not pushing it..i was like WTF! at 7000 and my tires have almost half the thread as when i got this unusual..i know i drive fast and practice take-offs alot but still...and how much would i cost to get them rotated..has anyone had this done yet?...
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18,000? That's complete horse shit. I had mine rotated @ 5,000. I have done this on every car I have owned, and never had any problems. I also recommend getting your wheels balanced every 10,000 to 12,000. Just my $.02.

every 6000 max.
It is recommended to have them balanced and rotated at every 6k miles.
I agree with everyone else. I R&B mine every 6k like clockwork. If you don't, you will wear down the front tires at a much faster rate than the rear, not to mention begin to catch some vibration when they go out of balance.
as others have said, every 6000 miles, or every other oil change
I just rotated mine at 3,500 miles, mainly becuase I knew how much I spun the hell outta them this winter when it was cold out. I could see the difference from the fronts to the backs, so I went ahead a rotated them.
how much did it cost to get them rotated..should i get them balanced much was that?...
$0... just take them off, swap them front to rear... balancing sometimes never really needs to be done, sometimes it needs to be done monthly. Hard to say on that, usually once I get new tires, or start to feel little wobbles that I can't track down anywhere else, I'll get 'em balanced...
Remember, your tires are directional so only go from front to back/back to front. Do not bring the left tires to the right or vice-versa. I'm sure you knew that, but just making sure
I was instructed by the Saturn Service Department (after they neglected to rotate my tires completely) to have them rotated every other oil change. Also I was told that the Dunlops on our cars are a softer compound and thus we should only expect about 20,000 miles on them.
Vita said:
as others have said, every 6000 miles, or every other oil change
Hmmm, 6000 miles... Mobil 1 synthetic... you must have ment every oil change :D
Blu_Redline said:
Hmmm, 6000 miles... Mobil 1 synthetic... you must have ment every oil change :D
we won't get into that again, all i'll say is there's a reason they now have 5,000 mile oil, which the regular mobil 1 isn't. 'nuff said, and by the way i like to throw my money out the window and ruin the environment... ;)
NOOOO! GOD NO!!!! I spent 10 min earlier looking for a post in that huge thread!
If anyone wants to read a decent article on synthetic vs conventional oils, Sport Compact Car mag has an article in May's issue.
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