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s/c pulley questions

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First im wondering if we have the m90 or the m62....secondly im wondering if this puley upgrade will fit on the redline

anyone else no of uther pulley upgrades that may be available?..

also if u got to go to videos and download new naperville cruise ull be able to see me race an eclipse and a cavi...granted u might wanna hold ur eyes when i race the cavi i stalled and lost haha

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if you do a search for info on the supercharger then you will find all the answers you need. as far as i know the rl has the m62 and no pulley upgrades (yet). i can't remember who it was but someone had some pretty good info about the supercharger.
the pullies will work, but you have to take into consideration things need to be upgraded.

according to some, our injectors at at near max duty cycle, so it COULD be safe to do a pulley swap one size down, it's unlikely. i'd wait it out, PSI-FI is developing a pulley upgrade for our cars, among other things
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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