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sad story

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Hi, im new here, and I have a sad story. My buddy has an 89 mx6 gt, and he's been wanting to race me ever since i got my car, (3 weeks ago). I finally agreed to race him. We went out last weekend, and I raced my other buddy's talon tsi-awd, i took him by about two cars, from a light. I then thought the mazda had no chance (come on its an 89 pos). We were at the light waiting, then it turned green. The mazda pullled off the line, and then kept pulling, and pulling. By the end (really close to quarter mile) he was about 3 cars ahead. And we were going about 95-100. The only mods he has are mbc, and bov. Any one know how this is possible?
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turbo mx-6's are sposed to be pretty dmaned quick man, you sure he ONLY was running abit higher boost?
he said he was at 13psi, they run stock at 8, i didnt think that would make that much of a difference.
jerry84 said:
he said he was at 13psi, they run stock at 8, i didnt think that would make that much of a difference.
More than you would think, even 1psi is a noticeable difference.
I used to have a turbo was quick but not as quick as my Red was a POS too
turbo mx6 are light weight and when modded can be very fast.
That's why i loved my Dodge Omni GLH-T, car weighed around 2300 pounds. And if you did the T2 changeover and a few other mods you were making 180-200 to the wheels. Not bad for an Omni, especially when pulling up next to unsuspecting cars at a red light. That was a sleeper car, but not as much as the Spirit R/T..
I wanna put a turbo on my roommate's '96 Geo Tracker... that would be great... 2200 lbs of pavement ripping power.

A turbo in a tracker would be RIDICULOUS.

As far as turning a turbo from 8 to 13 psi of boost, of COURSE you'd see a difference. Being a member of the Vibe community, I knew a guy with a turbo'd Vibe, and he would run about 8 psi of boost for day-to-day stuff and still whoop on everything around, and then he'd tune it for 12 psi with Nitto 555's and that thing was monstrous. If he rolled in first gear from about 10-15 mph, things would literally blur at the edges the acceleration was so impressive.

It does suck when a little beater beats you though.

I used to drive an '02 Firebird (v6, auto trans, mom's car, drove it for a while), and I pulled up to a totally destroyed (on the outside) nova with rust & a sticker that said "slow?" and from a 40 mph roll, I had no chance - he must've been 10-15 car lengths by the time I was hitting 80.

I'm done rambling now though.
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