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Did you know that the number of people requiring lifesaving organ
transplants continues to rise faster than the number of available
donors? There are well over 87,000 people currently on the waiting list in
U.S. alone


that approximately 30,000 patients each year are diagnosed with leukemia
or other blood diseases that are potentially treatable with marrow
transplants but just one in three will find a donor match within their
family and
the remainder looks to the Registry for help.

Because of this, Saturn and Saturn retailers are banding together to
help promote lifesaving donation on Saturn National Donor Day, Monday,
February 14th. Contact your local Saturn retailer for information on
blood, bone
marrow and organ donation activities in your area. Additionally, if you
visit on Monday, February 14, you can help us move closer to
reaching our goal of receiving 100,000 requests for Saturn "People first"

For each request up to 100,000, Saturn will make a donation to The
Marrow Foundation(r) to help offset the cost of adding registrants to the
National Marrow Donor Program Registry. Visit to
request your free wristband. If you're interested in more information
about The Marrow Foundation use this link:

Please join Saturn in this critical effort to promote lifesaving
donations. Tell your friends... send them an email and encourage them to
forward it to their friends too. It will only take a few minutes, but
the results could last a lifetime. I will be wearing my "People first"
wristband proudly and hope you will too.
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