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Saturn Ion Redline ON HOLD NO SALES

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Due to a safety issue all Saturn dealers have been instructed to pull any redlines in stock and hold them no sales and no drives........
Word is there is a safety part that is defective and needs to be replaced to make the cars legal for road use....
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I can't find this announcement on any of GM's sites. Can you post a link to it?
Just confirmed this with Saturn. They received the memo this morning. They haven't been told what it is yet.
That is Funny

Wow I can see the people standing in the line to buy this car. Oh wait they can't something is wrong with them. Here is just another reason I dislike GM. Very bad timing on GM's part again. Must of not discovered this until now I guess the 2 years of developing the car and all the testing they did this just slipped through the system or got overlooked.
GM can't do anything correct imo. I'm surprised they don't go bankrupt with all the problems they have.How many cars have they made that they discontinued within a couple of years of producing them? I mean seriously I haven't seen anything I wanted to buy in the last couple of years made by GM. The car I would have bought instead of the srt-4 was a Z28 and they stop making that. Usually when you release a new product you try to get good/ or positive feedback but all the Ion Redline is getting negative/or bad feedback everywhere I read or look at.. More bad publicity for GM.
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No recalls on the SRT-4? Really I don't know.

It seems like a big deal but who remembers when the Honda Del Sol first came out and was quickly recalled for the same problem. It's just a bad run from a supplier. Better to deal with it now than to try to cover it up IMO. Remember these is pretty much a test car (let's work all the bugs out of it) for the Chevy Cobalt coming out the end of this year.

Welp, went and test drove my Redline today and it does not disappoint. This car is night and day to the ION. The engine is powerful, clutch is solid, shifter is smooth, suspension is IMO up their with the RSX's, however, what did disappoint me it the interest GM tacked on the car for leasing.

It ended up cheaper for me to lease an '04 Saab 9 3 2.0t than the Redline.

Picking up the Saab tomorrow.
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