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On Sunday morning, I was out for a drive. On my way to meet some friends for breakfast I happened to stumble into my first race with the Redline. The road to the restaurant is a two lane divided street. I was in the left lane cruising at 35 mph in a posted 30. To my right was a Chevy Malibu. She was going just as fast.

I had a half car lead on her when I noticed a Dodge Ram charging up the hill towards my rear bumper. He was doing at least 45 mph. As he neared my bumper he approached to about 1-2 feet. He then backed off and ran up at me again slowing only when he got so close I could see nothing but his grill in my rear view. I head the whine from his turbo diesel and a strong urge to slam on the brakes and make his insurance rates go through the roof. But I wasn't about to do that in my new car.

Ahead of me, the stoplight turned red. I zipped into the right lane ahead of the Malibu. As I suspected the Dodge ran to the light and nearly locked up his tires coming to a hard stop on the crosswalk. I pulled up along side a moment later.

He revved his engine and rocked forward. I stayed put, a foot off the cross walk.

The left turn arrow turned green, and he lurched forward again. Again I didn't flinch.

The arrow turned yellow and I revved the Ion to 2000 rpm.

The lights turned green.

Trying to keep traction, I let the clutch out a little to slowly and he pulled away. I was at his rear wheel when I began to open the car to full throttle. Shifting into second, I began to catch him. Quickly. By the time I hit 60 he was fully behind me. Putting the car into third I eased up. I shifted straight to fifth and let up when he stopped accelerating. My point had been made: Just because I am smaller than you, does not mean you can **** with me.

Slowing down to 35 mph again I went on my way. The Dodge kept his distance, never getting any closer to me than he was at the end of the "race". About a mile latter he changed into the right lane and turned off at the next cross street.

I did a little reading this morning, the basic Cummins diesel produces 235 horsepower and 460 pounds-feet of torque, while the high-output version cranks out 245 horsepower and a stump-pulling 505 pounds-feet of torque. The curb weight on the monster is more than 5800 lbs. I know it was a 2001 Dodge with a turbo diesel. I am not sure what motor he had, but I am guessing the basic. I smoked him easily and I know he was trying, so I doubt he had the high-output.

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My buddy has a dualie without the diesel. It's quick, drop off fast after 40mph, but it's a rocket from 0-40, and like 50-70.
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