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Saturn video

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I found THIS video over at turbo saturns. It is a nice black RL with an open air box. Sounds good.

Here is the whole link.
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thanks for the comments man, thats my car......i posted the link here but its back on page 3 now already, haha.
xtreme: Ebert gives it a thumbs up! :D
sweet, i was actually going to go and look for that today since i hadn't seen it yet, now i don't have to! ;)

i love the way that sounds, i forget, have you done exhaust work? doesn't sound like it
Sounds good, I like the way the s/c whines.
xtremesc2 said:
thanks for the comments man, thats my car.
Welcome :D

.....i posted the link here but its back on page 3 now already, haha.
Oops, I'm guilty of a repost :p
Sounds the exhaust stock, though?

Do you have pics of what your current setup looks like now without the box?
yes, the exhaust is 100% stock.


there is no point in posting pictures of the results because from looking into the engine bay you cannot tell, only looking up from the ground.......because the top of the airbox remains there, because the maf sensor is connected to it.

thanks again guys, and thanks for the repost, its always nice getting more comments, anybody knows that!! haha
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Not too bad man! I thought it was sweet when i got a K&N and gutted my airbox until i made my CAI. If you want a REALLY loud whine from your blower you need to make a type of CAI/FWI with a large cone filter.
Here listen to a WOT clip of my Regal with a FWI.
Its actually ALOT louder in person especially with the smaller pulley!
You want your blowers to scream you need a smaller pulley and a CAI!
I dunno if you guys have a smaller pulley upgrade yet for your chargers but you guys should check out and see if a pulley from an Eaton M90 might fit yours. Your pullies press on? What size is the stock pulley?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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