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BurgerDTC said:
Wow, I did not expect those kind of numbers from this car. I could have sworn that GM was claiming "low to mid 6" for 0-60 which is my first gripe. Now why the hell would any of the engineers in GM say that they haven't done durability tests past the near 6.5 redline. I thought that was one of the purposes of the cavalier drag car was to find what the motor can handle.
However the car does seem to handle really well which some may like more than just the acceleration. The car seems to have alot of potential as well. Just retune the ECU to keep the bypass valve close, reset the revlimiter, give it a limited slip front, and this car should be able to give the numbers we hoped for.
It's too bad Saturn dropped the ball on this car. I guess the Cobalt SS will be the real performer of the two.
ya only problem is no one has "cracked" the PCM's in the eco's

they say it is mega hard without factory support.....wouldnt expect this to happen anytime soon.
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