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cvenom2122 said:
Sup all well my bro has been saying how fast he is for weeks well he wakes me up to show me a video of his 0 to 60 compared to my video hes like your slower!
Half a wake i get furiated :mad: and say lets go! i call my friend for proof and he comes in my car vs him by himself. Keep in mind roads are drenched so i said we'll race in 2nd he says aiight ;) i get her up round 3 grand and let him gun it first, then i punch it. very easily i gained 2 or 3 cars by 4th gear :cool: then i pulled brakes :D second race was from a 1st gear but we both started off first so we wouldnt burn out, same thing goes here but worse (5 or 6 car lengths) by the time i hit 5th gear i let off gas pulled brakes and he got next to me and looked :( sad.
So know i think it is time for him to get his WRX he cannot stand having his lil brother with a faster stock car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way he has a injen intake, And full Vibrant exhaust

Me nothing: except a 140 pound friend, and a 150 pound system :eek:

So I was proud of this!!!!!!!
If possible, please translate the first quasi-paragraph into English.

Second, I drove the SE-R spec V and liked it, but it isn't that fast, but still fun to drive. And most of us paid about the same what the Nissan costs, but we have a supercharger. . .
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