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Sharing parts with Saabs

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In another thread I tried to get the idea out more that SaturnI0Nredline caught on to when looking for rims. He looked into what rims were available for Saab 9-3s since our cars share quite a few parts. Well guys, I don't know if this has been suggested or looked into before, but we should look into what kind of performance parts are available for the Saabs that may be compatible with our RLs. Here's a start that I find.

The short throw shifter on this site: (about 9 products down). It's adjustable, which would be pretty neat to find the best setting for the right precision. There's a couple other products on here, like sway bars, frame braces, and Eibach springs that might be compatible.

This thread should be used for everyone to post other parts that are found for the Saabs that may be compatible for RLs. We would definetely have to look into and make sure we'd be able to install them in our RLs before buying though. I'm just trying to push this idea out to start looking for more compatible parts, so good luck guys!
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Not sure how many changes there are between them, the suspension stuff I would be suspect of, the shifter, I'm not sure. Gravana has a pre-sale on a B&M short throw, I'd assume if it were the same piece the would just start selling it right off. The presale price was $150. Good thinking though, the LSD that CSCC got was for a Saab 9-3.
motor parts should be close and workable. Suspension wont work to my knowledge I am pretty sure they use a differnt subframe but could be wrong. The parts to turbo your car would all work from a saab 9-3 2.0t
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