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for short ram install using the stock top lid? if you want to remove the bottom box itll take about 1 hr or so.

1) remove the 90 degree twisted stock elbow that connects to the TB.(8mmm socket)

2) unbolt the ground wire that is located next and under the winshiled washer fluid container. and move it somewhere infront of the engine away from the intake box.

3) remove the 3 screws that are holding the top lid to the bottom of the box.

4) un hook the maf connector.

5) make sure that the car is jacked up on the driver side using the hump that is right behind the driver side front tire.

6) using a flat head screw driver and the 8 mm socket un-do all of the plastic push pins that hold the BOTTOM of the fender wheelwell black plastic on. there is one 8mm screw and ~ 10 plastic pins. keep all in a general area so you dont loose any. only go about 2 push pins up on the inside of the fender wheelwell. (next to tire)

7) once you have removed the large peice of plastice that is connected to the fenderwell peice using a 13mm socket (maybe 12mm) there are two bolts that you can get from below and one from up top that hold the bottom of the intake box to the car. remove all three.

8) before you can take that bottom peice out (no it will not fall down has to be removed from up top) you have to unhook all of the tubing that connects to the bottom of the box using either a flat head screw driver and/or the 8mm socket. there are 3-4 sections. take and remove the peice that goes up into the fender well too. NOTE: you DO NOT have to remove the fender to get this out, just manuver the fender well lineing around to remove it. it is possiable [/NOTE]

9) after all of the tubing is removed then you go up top and useing a hack saw blade, just the blade, cut the top right bracket (biggest one) off nearest the box w/o cutting a hole in the box itself.

10) after you cut that off you can remove the power line that is connected in the fuse box and move it out of the way so you have more room but dont forget to dissconnect the battery or cover the end of that connection before moving it too much to prevent sparkage or ruining anything (especially the PCM)

11) this part will take some time but, remove the plastic covering on the coolant hose and move the relay that is up on the front of the fender next to the headlight. very carfully but with force remove the bottom box. you might want to have two people but not required. it will require lots of tricky positions but is possiable. (word of advice: DO NOT use a crowbar or some sort of leverage bar to remove box. WILL cause EXTENSIVE damage [/word of advice])

12) after the bottom of the box is removed you can put back all of the push pins back into the fenderwell and dont forget the plastic peice that you took out eariler and the screws too.

13) you can lower the car and remove the jack.

14) reconnect the battery (hot) connection (if you disconnected it) and the ground wire.

15) take and assemble the short ram before putting it in and hook up accordingly. put the intake on to the TB and then tighten it down and put the breathing tube back in and hook the maf connector back up.

if you didnt use the top of the stock box take the maf out carfully so you dont rip the o-ring and install it into the short ram the way it was on the stock box.

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Please add some pics to the thread of the finished product and I will finish it off.

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After all the issues I've had with this setup (no fault to pclear -- he lucked out), as have a few others with the shorty, I really recommend leaving the stock airbox IN PLACE. Remove the snorkle if you want the s/c scream, but the airbox should stay. I don't think it'd be too hard to fit the 3" cone filter in there.

It will act as a heat shield and also allow the filter to suck up non-disturbed air, when the radiator fans are on.

Worked okay when the temps were cool, but for the last month, I've been dealing with daily CELs and limp mode. Ended up buying the K&N CAI.

Moral of the story -- leave the stock airbox in place, rig up a cone filter per instructions above, and take out the snorkle (from the airbox to wheel well) if you want the s/c scream.

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