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Smoked an Altima today.

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Took an 04 R/L out for a test drive today.

I had to follow a truck onto the highway so I entered very slow, pulled into the right lane and flashed the truckdriver so he could move over too. Checked my mirror to find a newer Altima all over my bumper with 2 young guys in it. BTW, in 48 with lots of grey hair. :eek:

We are still following the truck but he blows by my the first chance he gets and I get (THE LOOK) as he goes by. I have to wait for a few cars to go by before I can enter the left lane but once I do I easily catch up to the Altima.

I pull up beside him doing 110 KMH and give him a smirk, he takes off. The road now opens up to 3 lanes as it starts up a long bridge so I move into the new right lane and drop down into 4th gear. He's half way up the bridge but I passed him like he was standing still. :D The look of astonishment was priceless.

I could see he was accelerating but he never caught before I had to pull off at the exit at the bottom of the bridge. As he passed me he flipped me the bird...............sore loser. :rolleyes:

I was surprised to see it was a 3.5 not a 2.5 L Maybe his balls are still developing. :p
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:confused: I didn't know street racing was legal while taking a test drive... :confused:
:confused: i did not know street racing was legal ever :confused:
I was surprised to see it was a 3.5 not a 2.5 L Maybe his balls are still developing. :p[/QUOTE said:
I smoke one a couple of weeks ago, hand him by ten car lengths. He gave me the flashers in respect when it was all over.
I raced one the other night as well.

I saw him in my rearview harassing a ZX-3. The ZX didn't bite so he pulled up next to me and started doing that shit. It was a carload of teenage Asian kids and the guys in the back stuck their heads out the window and started yelling at me to "C'mon". I came on alright. I left those fools like they were standing still. The look on their faces was priceless as I pulled so quickly on them.
yeah ive done that too i hate when ppl just think they are tough shit in a fancy 3.5L nissan lol. but ive also lost to a bolt on 3.5 altima ... not by alot like his drivers door at my front bumper .. but still wow that was impressive
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