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First is the Psi-Fi traction set-up, this setup with my motor mounts (both sides and tranny I have new mounts with small bushings) will completly eliminate wheel hop and wheel deflection which is a large issue on a 270+whp/300+wtq FWD car to say the least. The end results are better 1/4 times, and much less strain/stress on the axles and lower suspension set-up. The two below parts completly replace the busings in the the control arms 8)

Next is a picture of my new stainless steel CTI (Custom Tubes Inc) hot and cold side intercooler pipes. CTI is the ONLY company one the market for the SRT4 that makes a pipe that actually fits my car (sad but true) Another reason was the bead rolled ends 8) again no other company offers this service and it was one of the biggest factors for me as it is a re-occurring theme of blowing off pipes on the SRT4...especially when I plan to run 25psi+ next season...thought I would toss that in their. The bead rolled ends with some heavy duty t-bolts clamps I have, these babies will not move an inch! You will notice that I did not get them flanged for a BOV, reason for this is that when I install my Psi-Fi turbo upgrade they provide a silicon charge pipe with an integrated flange for the turbosmart BOV that is positioned directly off the compressor (read close for all the people installing BOV's in the WRONG spot close the the TB...)

Hope you guys enjoy the long read and please feel free to ask any question you may have about either part...much more to come in the next month or two!

Mike Candler
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