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Son #2 Colin's Track Numbers

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60' -2.460, 1/8- 9.834= mph-74.81, 1000'-12.641, 1/4-14.984 = 94.08mph. Not bad for a beginer on a 5spd and 3K miles on car. Temp 60 degrees and a good measure of spin. No mods as of yet.
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not to shabby not at all. I have to go up and see one of your youngins to get some parts. Now get them all the LSD
Good job on the runs, now get that 60 foot down to a 2.2 and you'll ne hitting mid 14's no problem :).

Seems just like the SRT4...launching the car is certainly a learning skill but once mastered its great :) (I can hit 2.1 60 foots on the stock tires, stock pressure)

theres definate room for improvement. not to shabby none the less.
A beginner pulling a 14.9 quarter in this car is pretty damn good.

I haven't been to the track yet but I'd be happy with that time. I too have no prior track expirience so..............
same here, only experience i have at the track was in an auto, so i'm looking forward to getting some times in the spring/summer.

nice times too. an experienced track driver got the 14.5 so a 14.9 isn't far behind. i'm sure times will get better with more experience
Once he learns to launch, and gets that 60' time down to 2.2 or so, he'll be hitting 14.5 easily. Good trap speed too.

And in case you're thinking about getting an LSD, bear in mind that it will have no effect on your 1/4 mile performance. It would be huge if you're looking to auto-x the car, but useless for drag racing. Get some stiff motor mounts for the strip.
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