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Speaker size...

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i have the standard audio system and i must say the speakers suck, they are the worst factory speakers i have ever heard. i noticed that they are only 5 1/4. has anyone upgraded to a 6 1/2 i know crutchfield says you car on their speaker chart. just wondering if anyone here has tried.
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I have 6.5 in front and back and bought the tweeter pods and installed 1 inch fosgates in those. sound mucho better
where did u get the tweeter pods at?
I can't believe how crappy the "advanced" Saturn system sounds! My wife's Jeep has ten times the bass! form her stock unit.
advanced . . . haha . . . well I have it to, came with the car, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.
ill just get some 6.5 infinities, not really much of a sound man more performance, but i cant handle these crappy stock speakers....
I didn't think the system sounded that bad. *shrug*

Then again, compared to what I USED to have, anything sounds magnificent.
What, no one got the radio delete option & the 427 big block? ;) I agree, the factory upgraded system in my '02 sounded great so I expected the same thing for the RL but was suprised to find how lame it is.
No big deal, though. This is my 1st man. trans. & I have to listen to the engine to be able to drive it well.
I got the "advanced" system, and I would say its worth the money compared to the stock system.
I have to check my sticker to see if I got the "advanced" system or not. Either way it is still a pretty good system for stock, will defintely need some upgrades though.
can i install a amp with the stock radio? I want to get diamond audio m6 silk components in the front and back and get a phoenix gold amp.
From the first test drive I thought the stock stereo was horrible... didn't get the Advanced system (though I did drive one with it, wasn't much impressed).

Within three days of buying the car I picked up four Eclipse 6.5" and a Earthquake amp. Those, along with the transplanted single Kenwood 12" really improved the system. Kept the stock head unit though, since I really don't like the look of most aftermarket units.

Forgot to mention it took the local Sound World upwards of 6 hours to do the install... I have no idea what the problem was, and it's probably a good thing. Don't know what I'd have done if I'd walked back to their garage area and seen my car all ripped to pieces! They did say it was the first Redline they'd ever worked on, though I don't see why it would have been so much worse than a regular ION...
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