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Speaker Whislte

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Guys I am experiance an incredible annoying whistle coming from my right front speaker that seams to spool up with the car when i give it gas...It's very strange because I am for sure it's coming from the speaker...When I turn off the power to the sound system it disappears but the volume doesnt have to be up to here this mystery whistle. It's there even while the sound is off as long as the power is on. Like i said the whistle seems to spool up with my car as i rev it much as id like it to be a turbo whistle its not.....Anyone else experiance this? also sometimes the sound fades from my right speakers and then comes back a few seconds later.

another thing...My airbag light has been on for a while...anyone elses turn on?
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If I am not mistaken, what you are experiencing is commonly called alternator noise. Or the electronic interference your speaker is receiving while your alternator is spooling. (Faster it turns more voltage output = more noise).
Are your speakers stock?? If not and you put a system in your car, try a capacitor, at least a 1.5 farad. That worked for me in the past.
Maybe a voltage stabilizer . . . Hmmm
As far as the Air Bag, go get it checked, and if you are stock say you are experiencing interference in the right front speaker it isn't normal, and they should fix (or at least attempt to). Could be somthing as simple as a ground.
I had that on one of my cars and it turned out to be a loose ground on an amp...have you done anything to any fuses or any wiring recently?
no not on this car and i really dont plan on it...The sound system the redline comes with is actually quite clear but thanks for the info. I think your right about the ground
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