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Spotted 3 diff RL's on I-75 today

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I was leaving Utica MI (near Pontiac) headed down to Lima, OH for a job today. I saw 2 confirmed RL and one maybe.

1) about 7:30 this morning I saw a blue one on SB I-75 getting onto I-94. Waiting in line to get on 94 is more like it. It was durring rush hour. I reved at him. That one was absolutly forsure a redline. I saw the badge.

2) About an hour later I saw another on in my rear view SB I-75 south of Toledo. I'm not sure where I was exactly. I believe I was south of the Turnpike. The RL was black with a white banner on the front windshield. Looked like the RL was trying to catch up with me. I was busy trying to get a blue Malibu off my ass. I finnally got away from him but I had to hit 110mph to do it. He wasn't fast, just an ass hole. No one was allowed to pass him and get away with it

3) Later that afternoon around let's call it 2pm. I was NB and I saw a black one (not the same one as yearlier) headed south. We were about 30 minutes south of Toledo. I know whoever it was saw me cause we both looked right at each other.
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