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SPS...Buyer Beware

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Imagine this if you will. You take delivery of your brand new Ion Redline. One of the first mods you would like done is to lower it. You contact one of the leading companies who specialize in mods for Saturn's: SPS, and the owner of SPS say's that the only springs that will work on your new car is the Eibach pro kit. Now this is not just an order taker on the phone, it's the owner. You say fine ship them. You have your dealer install them, as they have done on 3 of your existing Saturn's, the same tech I might add. Once the car is down off the lift you notice an immediate knock when you just slightly turn the steering wheel. Up goes the car for closer inspection....can't see anything out of the norm. The tech advises to give it a week to see if the springs settle down, meanwhile they will contact SPS for info. during the following week SPS gives some info to check on to remedy the problem...All was done on the next inspection but stiil the problem exists. SPS confirms that there is no reason that the springs would not fit; stating that the struts are the same. On the next inspection ( week #3 ) the techs at the dealership decide on theire own to order 2 struts, one for an Ion and one for the Redline. Guess what ...They are different.. The techs resolved the problem on theire own by fabricating a part from a Vue.. All of a sudden SPS no longer wants to discuss the matter. I contact Eibach and they inform me that the Eibach Pro kit will not work on the Ion Redline and that SPS should have not recomended it...They wont help. After placing phone calls and emails I get a email from the owner of SPS saying "Send the Damn things Back"! I informed Joe C. of SPS that the problem has been solved thru the dealer and at my addtional expense in the amount of $200.00 and that is all I want refunded. John C. of SPS responded that " you must have me confused with someone else, Installation is not my problem". I informed John C that because of me we learned that the springs wont work and that SPS won't sell them for the Ion Redlines thus eliminating a lot of unhappy Saturn customers and problems for him. John C. of SPS did not return my email. Buyer Beware. I will go out of my way to let other Saturn owners know.
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