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01BlkRegal said:
Why a joke since its a Buick? ;) Sorry man no joke. :)

Redline racer a Buick Regal GS,GSE or GSX is basically the same exact car as a Grand Prix GTP. 240hp and 280ftlbs stock. The Regal guy had some exhaust work,3.4" blower pulley,fenderwell intake,PCM,PEM's and the little supporting mods and the SRT guy was running a stage 1 setup with a boost contoller set at like 20 psi's.
Just wanted to post the clip since you guys and the SRT guys seem to be at eachothers throats all the time :D Thought a 13 second 4 door grandpa car beating a sport compact icon would make you guys feel better. I have the same mods the guy in the video does on my Regal so i have been waiting for an SRT kill myself. :cool:

As a previous owner of a m90'd w body... I would have to say either that SRT driver can't drive his car or you dont have a complete list of his mods..... or the SRT driver isn't modded at all. With a 3.4 pulley and supporting mods a m90'd Wbod would be a match for a stock SRT, not one with Stage I and the boost cranked up.

I lvoe those regals. A guy in the local GP club has one thats a total sleeper... probably runs 12's with all of his mods. He pissed off quite a few mustang owners at the track.
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