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Stock Stereo

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Hey guys, I just bought my redline 2 days ago and got the premium sound with the 6 cd changer. Does anyone else here think that the stereo isn't all that loud?? At top volume I would've expected it to be deafening with the 190 watt amp (or is it 160). Does anyone know if the amp has its own power level control?? Thanks!
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I have the same system, minus the 6-disc. I think it's real loud. I can't turn it all the way up without things starting to distort. Well, if I keep the bass where I like it. Keep in mind also, that alot of regular old stereos have been 200W+ for a while now. If you get in one without it, the Ion sedan I had for a loaner for example, then get back in your car, theres a BIG difference...
I've been listening to mine at peak volume and it's not as loud as I think it should be...maybe its just my stereo...but if anyone knows of a way to adjust the amp in the trunk id be happy to hear about it.
I would agree the Saturn Advanced System stereo is really weak in the low range. My wifes stock Jeep sounds light years better on the bass. :mad:
I have the 6 disk head unit, but regular speakers.

Add a 12"

I have a premium 6 speaker stereo with the factory XM. I thought that the original stereo was alright as bass went as long as you didn't pass the 80% mark on the radio. I ended up adding a Hi Lo converter to the factory amp and installing another Amp and 1 12". It sounds nice now being that the factory takes care of the High and the sub takes care of the Low's.
Yup, its weak. I have a kicker 400x2 amp that im going to bridge to a kilowatts 15" sub. Should take care of the low end :) I just hope it fits back there.

The stock sterio is bad... good highs, but no mids or lower. I just got my RL and im not liking the head unit much as well.
I have the 6 changer, 6 speakers and xm. Its ok but I would really like to get a Alpine Touch Screen/ DVD / Navigation System in there. MONEY. I want to go faster first.... Sound Faster later
If anyone's really that curious as to increasing the gain going to the stock amp (since there are no pots to adjust input sensitivity on the stock amplifier), you can try a line driver such as the Phoenix Gold PLD-1 or something similar. The units ramp up input voltage from a head unit (up to 10 volts), but they only accept low-level (RCA) inputs. And my guess based on experience is that the signal voltage leaving our stock head units is a low level (and probably a crappy 1-2V level at that!)

To the savvy, this poses only a small drawback... near the amp's input terminal, you'll need to terminate your low-level wire to RCA plugs, and then convert back to standard wire to re-enter the amp. There are a lot of ways of inducing dreaded alternator whine this way, but it can be done successfully if the line driver is as close to the amp's input as possible and the line driver is grounded in the same loop as the factory amplifier.

Anyone curious to know more, please let me know.
i got the premium sound with six disk, mp3 and xm and i still didnt like the sound so i changed out all four speakers with memphis for my mids and i changed the tweeters with memphis too for my highs and for my lows i got 1 12" fosgate p3 boosting it with the fosgate 1500 watt punch amp now it sounds awesome and bangs pretty hard too but when up too loud rattles and thats annoying as hell
What's the last car you guys were in with a stock $300 stereo option??? I have a huge system in my Camaro that make this one sound pathetic, but everyone that gets in my car, with a stock system, thinks it sounds great for a STOCK system. I think you guys are just a little too used to aftermarket ones. I mean, I can get enough bass out of the stock set up to rattle the mechanics inside the doors. That' not exactly crap....
I bought 220 watt sony xplod 3 way speakers for the RL the day i bought the car. I installed them the next day, and promptly returned them to the store the following day. The stock speakers sound good enough for me.
Any of you guys know how to hook up a subwoofer and amp to the stock stereo?? There are no rca outputs or any place to add anything. By the way I have the premium sound option on a 2004 Redline. Thanks guys.

louballs said:
Any of you guys know how to hook up a subwoofer and amp to the stock stereo?? There are no rca outputs or any place to add anything. By the way I have the premium sound option on a 2004 Redline. Thanks guys.

there is a thread about this somewhere. but you need to get a rca convertor to go from the the stock speakers to the amp. anyone know who started the old thread so he can find it?
thanks spOOner.
thanks a lot
I bought a Bose subwoofer that sits inside of the doughnut spare so when you open the trunk you don't see anything!!!!!!! It came out of an RXS S that I bought on ebay for $80. It really cranks!!!!!!!
I have no intentions of buying a subwoofer. But, in a few years I might buy full replacement speakers.
Yeah, just check out the thread. It's REALLY simple to install a subwoofer and amp. Every wire you need is right there in the trunk if you have the "advanced" audio system.

I plan on replacing the other six speakers in the near future, as well as adding an external, band type eq. I'm not giving up the 6 disc, in dash changer it came stock with. That thing is just so damn convenient.

Just add a sub for now. That, mixed with the rest of the stock components sounds pretty good (not great, but pretty good) IMHO. Good enought to hold me over for a while.
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