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Strange issue happened last night.

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well last night i was on my way down to cincy to play with some wrx's. i was getting on the interstate and spun 1st up to about 4500rpms, and went to second and the car fell flat on its face. my passenger thought i missed 2nd but i was in gear 3/4 throttle and the car just wanted to die, so i got off the interstate, the car was all around dogish, 3/4 throttle felt like 1/4 and at stop lights the rpms would drop down to 500 and raise up to 1200. well i let it sit and this morning i drove it home and it felt normal but still the check engine light was on. has this problem been discussed before??
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Haven't had that one happen. But today I was in town and a Prelude rolled up next to me, gave him a little rev, he gave me one back, then I revved up to about 5500 rpm and the car just up & stalled. I was pissed! How embarassing!? Ran just fine after that though.
I see you saw my message. This must have happened to the both of us within hours. How crazy is that. What do you think about the clutch theory, the gas theory, the cam sensor thoery, or the misfire theory?

I really don't like the fact that you smelt that burning smell... I was really hoping it was another car with a blown gasket or something.... not my baby....

I hope that we get an explanation....
i was just out driving it today and no service light or weird smells, and i was driving the piss out of it too, hummm im clueless on this one.
time to call the ghostbusters. We have a bad case of Gremlins...
Sounds like the ECU went into limp mode. If the engine block lite, with a down arrow, lit up on the far right side of the console, that's what it was. Many causes have been discussed on this site, see if your dealer can read a code as to your particular issue. Good luck! :)
no it was the service engine light on the left side, the light is off but im going to take it down there anyways today.
If the check engine light comes on and then clears itself before you have a chance to read it, is it stored in memory to be read later? Like the last X many DTC's or something like that? Or do you have read it while the code is active?
ptparker said:
If the check engine light comes on and then clears itself before you have a chance to read it, is it stored in memory to be read later? Like the last X many DTC's or something like that? Or do you have read it while the code is active?

It is stored. Anytime a light comes on, it will be stored in the computer until cleared, I believe.
i bet it wasnt cam position sensor but crank position sensor. Mine did that exactly a few weeks ago that why my car was in shop for 2 days. I came off a light hard shift to 2nd and had nothing left my car felt like it had 100hp. After i shut it off and fired back up there was my power again. It threw a few codes. Crank position sensor, Evap purge and something else.
if its the crank position sensor.... that would be the 3rd time its been repaired on my car.
a ground or hot + wire is lose samething would happen to me when i didnt reconnect the battery connection on tight enough
I just got off the phone with them. It is the cam shaft sensor.

I hope it doesn't become a chronic problem like BlackLine....

I asked if it caused any engine damage, and they assured me it didn't. I am wondering because of that burning smell. Unless the sensor was physically burning, something else was the at root of that smell.

Sorry for the cross post, but this is valid info in both threads.
It leaks oil out... that's the problem... it also allows the thing to 'wiggle' around from what I've read on their TSB for it.
A reason for the multiple fixes for the same sensor problem could be because the dealership didn't quite line up the sensor properly. The sensor has to be positioned perfectly, and when the recall first came out, it took some dealerships multiple tries to get it working properly. This could be the same issue you and blackline could be experiencing...
So that smell was a little of my precious mobil 1 leaking into the combustion chamber?

So it probably is not doing any damage? Unless you count the economic damage of losing a few drops of sick expensive oil :)

Where can I get the full text of the TSB?

My sales rep just called. He wants me to be in a local commercial about the RL and all ION's. He is filming tomorrow at saturn of cary (yes the same one as all the banners on this site). I am so camera shy, and I never been video taped in a sober state, so I hope it works out :)
just came back and the only code on the computer was a random misfire, thats odd.
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