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Strange Start Up Problem

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Ok, So my brother just bought a Brand spanking new Ion Red Line (Blue) on Friday. SO far he has put 400 miles on it. Ok so heres the problem, after driving it and shutting down it wont start back up. It will start back up again eventually after a few tries. Hes been using the 91 octane just like the dealer told him to use. He took it to the dealer the 1st time it happened (Saturday) but they said everything was fine. Since then it has happened 4 more times. Im over here feeling bad for my brother because its a brand new car! And I told him I approved of the car so I feel kindda bad for telling him to get it. Anyway I was just wondering if any other RL Ion owners have had the same problem? Thanks in advance
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it has never not started for me, but seems like it sometimes will take a while for a new car
Mine was doing the same thing at first. Now it has a little over 900 miles on it and its not so bad. Its a brand new performance engine. The engine parts are really snug right now and this may cause hard start when the engine has been run, shutdown and then restarted a few minutes later. If it is doing the same as mine, then it will start right away when cold or if let sit for more than half an hour.....but not so easy at about 15 minutes after shutdown.
Mine was doing that for a bit, but it went away. It never "would not start" tho.... it would just take a few more turnovers that usuall.

edit: make sure you have the clutch ALL the way down.
ok, thanks for the input guys.....ill tell my brother

That RedLine is a fun car HEHE =)
Its nice to see the expresion on others peoples faces when they find out its a fast little saturn.
My RL did the same thing, but I think it is the clutch/starter interlock. I noticed if the clutch was not all the way down to the floor it would not start. A few times when I tried to start the car it did not crank at all, so I pushed the clutch in further and it cranked and started.
Good luck with your new car, it gets better as you drive it. I have 3,500 miles on mine.
Hey guys,
If you are having an intermittant crank but no start, it has nothing to do with how much you push down the clutch pedal. Not pushing the pedal down will cause it to not crank. If it is cranking and not starting once in a while check with your Saturn retailer. There might be a service bulletin out about it.
make sure you have the clutch AND brake in when you start it up.
BlackRedline04 said:
make sure you have the clutch AND brake in when you start it up.
not important to have the brake in unless you don't have the parking brake on...
noticed mine takes a few extra cranks too but it has always started.
I've noticed this as well. A few times it took a few seconds to crank, and once, it didn't crank at all even though I always make it a point to press the clutch all the way to the floor. I hope it goes away like it did for most of you. I only have 300 miles on it so far.
I have almost 8000 miles on mine and i have never had a time where the car refused to crank. There are some cranking issues though at times but they are more just oddities than problems. I drove a 96 sc2 for 8 years with a manual transmission in it and even with all my practice i have stalled my RedLine at times. 4 now to be exact. And after stalling the car takes about 3 seconds to crank. A few times recently the car also takes about 3 seconds of crank time to start up. Odd but no concern right now. Has nothing to do with clutch on the floor or pushing the brake in. I wouldnt worry about a thing.
Don't take this offensive or anything. But how in the hell do you stall a car, especially since you've been driving manuel for so long?

Anyways, so I'm not totally off topic. I've noticed sometimes it takes a few extra cranks to get things started. Hoping it goes away as the car breaks in...

Well the clutch is alot tighter than the SC2 i had so that has something to do with it. And the fact that i am not always in super racer mode like you might be. Perhaps the hot girl next to me, or my friends talking about Georgia Football distracting me, or the fact i am a little intoxicated from the game having something to do with it. I know i not the only one though. My sales guy told me he was stalling it 4 or 5 times in his demo and i know he has driven a stick just as long as i have. So while i cant take big time offense to your comment it does sting a bit. Im never perfect.
24n12RedLine said:
And the fact that i am not always in super racer mode like you might be.
Yeah, that must be it since I bought this car for my daily driver :rolleyes:

Like I said, it was a legitimate question. I was really wondering because it's not like you just starting driving a manuel. You're right about the clutch being a little stiffer than a stock s-series, but it is definitely a lot softer than my ACT SS in my SC2. So anything softer than that is much appreciated for everyday driving...

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