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The Srt-4 is no more :(

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Ouch dude, that's brutal. At least you walked away from it, that's the good part. And as for the GAP insurance, got that with my Satty, hope I don't EVER have to use it. All I can say is sorry, but glad you're ok. What's the next car?

Edit: Did you MEAN to put this in the "kills" section? Because I mean, that's an accurate measure of what happened, I suppose . . .
Thats too bad, it was a nice car i'm sure. Good thing you are OK. So what's next, Maybe a Red Line?
Glad you're ok, sorry about your ride,it did look sweet. How'd it happen?
Dude that sucks......I think looking at that thing would hurt worse than the injuries you incurred.........Sorry, bud!!
The important part is you came out ok, I'm sure you're sick of hearing that though. Is the car totaled? She don't look that bad. I was expecting worse.

Hell, that will buff right out :D

In all seriousness, glad you are ok. Accidents suck, especially when it's your baby that's wrecked. Just be thankfull you are ok and still have a functional noodle and all of your limbs attached.
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Sorry about the car man, glad to hear your ok. Is the car drivable? maybe you can get a redline now. srry it was just a sugestion. good luck hope everything turns in your favor.god bless
The car looks great for a roll over, you are pretty lucky. Do you live in Arizona?

sorry about the accident, but I noticed you said you were going to leave your stage 1
ecu in the car. DON'T LEAVE IT IN.

you can remove the ecu and have it reburned for yourself or anyone who buys it.
Flight Systems does it for $25.
or you can take it to a dealership, and they will reprogram it and your skim key for about $40-60.

you will be giving up some money by leaving it in.
good luck.
Only a concussion for rolling over, you definitely got lucky and cheated death, or at least some serious head injuries. Why was there a curb near the highway? You know, the thing that flipped you over. I honestly can't recall highways with curbs built on the side ever. That's bizarre.
Oooh man. That sucks ass.

Glad you're ok though.

I hate to see nice cars that are wrecked. Now you can get that RL you've been secretly wanting. ;)
Man, we sound like drug pushers...

"Glad you're ok, that's terrible, now can I interest you in coming over to our side?"

It's like waiting for an athelte to blow out his knee and then stealing him away from the other team!

You know we love ya Chemis, Chehiaz, Chemixeie... whatever the hell your name is!
Ouch!!!! sorry to hear man.

What is gap insurance?

Buy a Redline now! Peer pressure=good. Do it... Do it now.

well i didn't find out tell the next day that i also broke my color bone and brused a rib.

As far as a new car my insurance dropped me so getting a new insurance company is gunna give me huge rates. How are the RL insurance rates, and what can i get a rl for? i have only got about 18.5k to spend out the door.

Right now it looks like i might have to buy rice because A) its cheap and B)low insurance

I am thinking i might have to get a civic SI or focus SVT. Wait 2 months to save up the money and slap a super charger on there.

If i can get a RL for 18.5k after taxes with low insurance rate then i would do it.

Yes the car is totalled the pictures don't really do it justice. I couldn't get a decent picture of the way the front and rear wheels are sitten. I bent my axels all to heck. The engine and intercooler are untouched, along with the transmission. So if anyone is looken to drop a sartie engine in something... well your looken at a 4k swap lol.

Reason i posted here is cause this is the only part of the RL forum i visit regularly
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I may not be help much, but you can search the car your looking far on this site. Just type your zip code and it'll search in many car lots for the right buy. If your not going to buy a Redline or Rebuy a SRT-4, click the link. It's linked to used cars, but you can search in new cars as well.;_ylt=AlGfktNa4N1.6WURTF8YfNs_c78F
I did the exact same thing with a 2004 Black SRT-4... then I bought a redline...
The redline still counts as four doors so it gets good insurance. Lots of modern safety features (passive alarm, dual airbag, abs, etc) lower insurance too.
I did get mine for $18,000 with the trade in, can you trade that in? I know it seems odd, but I've seen worse things traded in. You could go steal an '04 Redline right now for dirt cheap.
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