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Tire pressure?

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What's the proper tire pressure for the redline??
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Look on the inside of the drivers door, it will say what they should be. Usually go +/- 2psi from what it says.
I was always told with Low Profile tires, use 31-32psi... If I'm wrong, please correct me
i run 40 psi all the time in mine.

according to the manual when performing high speed driving one should deflate tires to 30 psi i belive. Please check for your self it says exactly what saturn recomends.
Inside the door it says 32psi I usually run around 30psi.
25psi is good for the track :) But I'm not riding on stock tires... Right now, I have Pirelli Nero M&S Tires. I like them more compared to the SP9000s. Definately more traction in a straight line (not so sure about twisties).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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